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Entwickler: HydroloGIS
Betriebssystem: multi-platform
Programmiersprache: Java, Java Swing
Datenbank(en): JDBC
Kategorie: Viewer, Desktop-GIS
Lizenz: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Sprache: English, German, Italian, Spanish
Website: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jgrass

JGRASS is a free java based GIS being developed to bring GRASS up-to-date as it were, and facilitate its use among a larger number of GIS professionals using a wider range of computer systems. The goals of the JGRASS project are:

  • Portablility, enabling GRASS to be fully functional on the Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac-OS platforms;
  • Extensiblity, providing a framework for the incorporation of user developed modules to provide specialised functions such as visual representations or graphical interaction with the map data;
  • Standalone/Networked Access, allowing standalone operation interacting with local and networked databases, but also allowing remote access to its spatial processing capabilities to enable group interactions;
  • Scripting, providing a java based scripting engine to allow the development of application scripts;
  • Ease of Use, providing all the features common to state of the art GIS applications.