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TimeMap TMJava is "a novel mapping applet which generates complete interactive maps with a few simple lines of html. It provides a way of easily enriching web pages with historical or contemporary information that goes far beyond static jpg map images. It's easy for beginners, yet provides completely customisable power and distributed backend database connectivity for the expert. It's free for personal use.

TimeMap's unique time-handling provides an engaging and intuitive method of delivering historical, community, government, research and business information. Combining mapping and the time dimension gives new ways of visualising urban growth, the spread of empires, heritage sites, environmental change, weather patterns, traffic flow, earthquakes, mobile network faults, and much more ? ranging in time scale from millions of years to seconds.

TimeMap time-filters and animates maps on the fly, connects to datasets anywhere on the web and can search for and load thousands of local maps dynamically as you zoom and pan. TimeMap can filter huge datasets server-side and download only the data needed, or work standalone off a CD. It adapts legends dynamically as scale changes and generates hyperlinks on-the-fly between objects on the map and web pages, and is completely customisable with XML. Yet the applet weighs in at only 350K!

TimeMap's Windows tool, TMWin, allows you to build and publish interactive maps on your web site without any programming skills. You can use your own data or map data from the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative's (www.ecai.org) data clearinghouse.
For advanced users TimeMap can be extensively customised with XML and JavaScript.

There are three types of license available:

  • General Use License
  • TimeMap Open Source Consortium license
  • Open Source License (GNU GPL/LGPL) - available later in 2005